Wealth Score
Wealth Score
You Know Your Fico Score
But Do You Know Your Wealth Score
Discover The Fourth Score Secretly Used by Banks and Financial Institutions
Discover The Fourth Score Secretly Used by Banks and Financial Institutions
Gabriel Brown
Hello my name is Gabriel Brown and I'm a Certified Fico Pro and some say a Credit Ninja!

Over the past 15 years I have coached over 10,500 credit challenged individuals online, offline, through my books, my radio show and in my workshops!

You may have heard of some of my advanced credit repair tactics such as:
  • The Deficiency Balance protocol
  •  The Rolling Auto Loan Protocol
  •  The Balance Transfer Protocol
  •  The Consortium Credit Usage Protocol
  •  The Amex Card Deferred Payment Protocol
  •  The Home Zip Code Protocol
  •  The Home Phone Protocol
  •  The Social Media Protocol
Just to name a few..

My mission and passion is to help my students utilize their Fico Scores to potentially leverage themselves up to 3 times their annual income!

That's right.. Up to 3 times their annual income!!

I have been pretty successful at this!

You can view 100s of raving clients on my websites! Don’t believe me check it out! 

During my quest to crack the Fico Score code I discovered a Fourth Score that Banks and Financial Institutions were secretly using..

Yes, a Fourth Credit Scoring metric..

It was Not scoring by Experian, Equifax, TransUnion or Innovis..

And it was not scoring by SageStream or Advanced Resolution Solutions either!

So how did I uncover this information?

Well, every so often throughout my 15 years in Credit Repair

I would come across a case study that I considered an anomaly..

Let me explain..

After repairing 1000s of my client’s credit reports, I had a system of referring each client to a list of the same local creditors to apply for new credit to rebuild their credit profiles..

I was always eager to hear back from my clients on how much they were approved for by these companies!

I would then record the results in my database to monitor our successes.

I started noticing that some of my clients had a spike in their ability to leverage themselves over and beyond the typical 3 times their annual income!

So I decided to create a report going back through 5 years of past client’s files to see if there was a reason I could pinpoint why clients with similar credit profiles received wildly dissimilar credit approvals..

I mean clients with the same length of time in the bureau, length of time employed, age, educational background, credit profiles, high credit, credit scores, inquiries, etc. would see approvals that did not match!

After carefully reviewing the credit profiles of these high approval cases I recorded notes of some peculiar distinctions..

I then created a grid for the data and I called one grid the Fico Score Matrix and another grid the Wealth Score Matrix..

At the time I did not know I had discovered a fourth scoring system used by Banks and Financial Institutions!

This Fourth Score is called the Wealth Score!

So I spent another year or so cross referencing even more credit profiles of my past clients to develop what I call..

“The Wealth Score System”

This system can potentially maximize the Fico leverage factor from up to 3 times a person's annual income to virtually 5 times a person's annual income!

Yes.. Potentially 5 times your annual income in available credit!

What does this mean to you?

Imagine potentially getting approved for:
  • Higher Credit Card Limits..
  •  Large Personal Lines of Credit..
  •  Jumbo House Loans..
  •  Business Credit Cards..
  •  Non-Collateralized Business Loans..
  •  Commercial Property Funding..
  •  Luxury & Exotic Auto Loans and more..
  •  Yes! I've seen this happen for my clients and for me as well..
So, I'm sharing my Wealth Score System for the first time to a small group of 250 new clients..
These clients will get access to our proprietary consumer file request letters to petition the CRAs to surrender your consumer files and you Wealth Score for your review!

Remember, I have discovered that the banks and financial Institutions not only utilize the big three credit reporting agencies but some very obscure consumer files as well when considering credit applications.

In most cases these consumer files are not disclosed to the consumer as they do not qualify as credit reporting agencies but as consumer data aggregators and are not governed by federal law to disclose their consumer files.

I have found that if the consumer files are Requested, Redacted and Restricted that the potential for inaccurate consumer data, negative consumer data or even obsolete consumer data to potentially adversely affect credit applications are dramatically reduced.

Once I discovered these consumer files and restricted their access it positively affected my credit worthiness.

I have even found court cases that have been settled for large sums because of consumer file data that negatively impacted the credit approval process was utilized in conjunction with the big three credit reports but was not disclosed to the consumer as a part of their adverse action notices! 

Case Law Settlements to date for Wealth Score/Consumer file violations have settled between $1 million and $5 million dollars.. Yes millions of dollars!

Here are just a few of the Consumer Data Aggregators/Consumer Files we will Request, Redact and Restrict for you to potentially increase your ability to access even more credit to leverage into building wealth!
  • Your Banking Activity Report
  •  Your Payroll Activity Report
  •  Your Prescription Activity Report
  •  Your Retail Exchange Activity Report
  •  Your Criminal Background Report
  •  Your Lexis Nexis Report
  •  Your Rental History Report
  •  Your Vehicle Registration Report
  •  Your Social and a Public Profile Reports
To name a few.

Get this, I will reveal to you for the very first time the actual consumer report that gives you your Wealth Score!

Yes, there is a report that has it listed..

So Join My Wealth Score Mentor Program to discover these consumer data files and to help people like you and families like yours to potentially access more financial freedom and potentially leverage their credit to create WEALTH.
What Others Are Saying

"I finished my program with Vivix Credit Solutions and I was amazed with the results. I was doubtful that they would help me because I had a bad experience with another company. 85% of my negative accounts were deleted and my points increased 278 points, and I would totally recommend anyone that is interested for a good service. Really friendly staff. Thank you Vivix."

Janett Garcia

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Vivix Credit Solutions. While I won't say what my starting score was...what I can tell you is I am now 160 points higher that I was when I started! Like most, I had my reservations. You have to have an open mind and you have to admit that you have credit issues. Put your trust into the plan that they set for you (and they will give you a plan). Follow it, stay disciplined and it will work. Worked great for me, a house, car, and two new credit cards later. Go and and ask for Bianca...she's the best...(I'm sure the others are fine too)."

Tom C

"Felt really good about my service's.......the main one was my foreclosure...got it deleted very excited to start building my credit agian...the customer service was excellent...love how they call u by your name..very friendly....i do recommend this place...Thank you. VivixCredit soulution....."

Lily Naranjo

"VERY IMPRESSED with the nice,friendly & helpful service from Bianca, Mr. Brown & the rest of the vivix team!! Always answer ANY ?'s I have without hesitation & VERY professional. My score went up 200+ points ALREADY & we're not even done yet. Still have a cycle to go. I HIGHLY recommend vivix credit solutions if you're trying to have a BETTER life with BETTER CREDIT!! Vivix is alright with ME!!! ;-) \m/"

Dloc Walker
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